Cosine on Unix,
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CosineWave.NET Comic FAQ

What is CosineWave.NET?
It's a web comic about Max and his adventures in the office. The company Max works for is called CosineWave.NET, a small software and Internet services company.

Who are the main characters?
  • Max is the main character. He is a BOFH. Little goes on in the office that Max doesn't know aobut.
  • Joe is one of Max's best friends, and the Manager of Software Architecture at CosineWave.NET.
  • Sam is another good friend of Max. He's the Manager of Software Engineering for CosineWave.NET.

Who are the regular supporting characters?
  • Kevin works in Sales and Marketing.
  • Bob is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
  • Siobhan is the Vice President of Information Technology.

When is the next strip coming?
I don't know. I have lots of things I'm working on, so no telling when I'll return to CosineWave.NET. I have strips 4 through 6 drawn and scanned but they need to be touched up in the GIMP or Photoshop before they are put online. I drew a strip 7 but I think I lost it.
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